Precision viticulture with Drones

Welcome to vitiDron!

We are a company that offers Agriculture 5.0 services with a very specialised focus on Precision Viticulture with remote sensing using Drones.

Through the new technologies in equipment and software that we use, we will be able to give you vital support throughout the yearly development of your vineyard. So that you can keep a complete control of the state of each parcel, and even of each plant. Above all, at key moments in order to improve and optimise your harvest season.

Precision viticulture with Drones
What are the benefits?

Cost reductions

Savings in resources such as water, phytosanitary products, machinery fuel, harvest losses and, above all, many hours of work.

Increased quality/quantity

Very accurate mathematical predictions of the harvest.
Thanks to precise control throughout the year, there will be a clear improvement in the quality and quantity of the final product.

Environmental care

Less use of agricultural machinery, our drones do not pollute!
Reduction in the use of pesticides and fertilisers.
It helps to comply with European environmental regulations.

Do you have doubts about precision viticulture with drones?

Within our technical team we have not only professional pilots, but also experts in the analysis of the images and light captured by our drones, key elements for the accuracy of the data. On the other hand, we have great alliances with different technological partners to create together the best analysis tools for our customers. And of course, we are continuously working on R+D+i to improve our services day by day.

Thanks to our equipment and know-how, we can work with centimetre precision. So yes, we work very precisely to get the right analysis at every stage of the crop. On the other hand, our image analysis systems work with the support of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, which is impressively effective and improves automatically on a daily basis.

In fact, thanks to our reports, you will save hours and even days of work by being able to act in a timely and precise manner in situations that arise in your crops. On the other hand, our flights are carried out without affecting your day-to-day work, we do not use your facilities, equipment or personnel, we take care of everything.

Excellent! Then you are already on the right track. Our drone services are an impressive value-add to satellite imagery, which, in fact, we also use as a base! The big differences between drones and satellites is the accuracy and quality of the data, the flexibility to capture it on the right day, in the right light, in the right weather, and well, lots more that we will be happy to tell you more about in detail.

Of course. We are a small service company dedicated exclusively to this. So we have our entire workflow highly optimised to save costs and to be able to offer a professional service of the highest quality that reaches not only large customers, but everyone, whether they have a few hectares or hundreds of hectares in vineyards. What’s more, due to the savings in inputs and the increase in quality and quantity of production, our services will pay for themselves much sooner than you think.

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