Technology for Precision Farming

How does all this work?

To carry out our precision viticulture services at the highest quality, we use the best hardware and software tools, the best UAS (Unmanned Aerial System – Drones), and of course, our know-how in the field.

To sum it all up in a nutshell, the whole process is based on data acquisition (drone flights), image processing (advanced software with Artificial Intelligence technology), and the generation of reports and suggested action plans for the client.

More technically speaking, it’s all about light. Yes, it is that simple and that complex at the same time. By capturing data within specific wavelength ranges across the electromagnetic spectrum, we are able to generate “multispectral images” which we then calibrate and analyse in detail to see “what the human eye cannot see“: NDVI, vigour, water stress, etc.

The subtle but tremendously important difference between a stressed plant and a healthy one is virtually imperceptible to the human eye (visible Red, Green and Blue spectrum). In contrast, this precision becomes visible with multispectral imaging, especially through the NIR (Near Infrared) spectrum.

To capture and process all this information we use these technologies

Professional Drones

We work with the best professional UAS on the market, ensuring we can perform the most complex and precise flight operations.


Continuously Researching, Developing and innovating, following new technologies even before they reach the market.

Multispectral cameras

Through these special sensors we capture the specific wavelengths to analyse the harvests.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our services not only do not pollute or impact the environment, but also help to reduce the environmental footprint of your vineyards.

Artificial Intelligence

We use highly advanced AI techniques to process and analyse the images obtained by our drones.

Our Staff

All these technologies would be useless without a professional and expert team of people who know how to adapt them to the needs of each client.

Who said precision?

GPS (Positioning)

Up to 1 cm

Position accuracy by RTK and GNSS (GPS + GLONASS + Galileo).

GSD (Ground Sampling Distance)

From 6 to 0.5 cm/pixel

Accuracy and definition of image sampling to assess a whole parcel or a single plant.

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