Vineyard and winery services

Our aims and objectives

It’s very simple, we will support you throughout the whole harvest, by giving you very precise information on the state of each plant, in each parcel, and thus support you in your farming decisions so that you can have a better and higher quality product, and in greater production volume.

So yes, you will improve your products, your business economics, reduce your environmental footprint, and hopefully also increase your peace of mind by knowing exactly how your crops are doing all year round, and with absolute precision. All the advantages of precision farming.

So how do we work?

We study the case of your vineyards

In a first meeting we will see all the points you want to work on, the problems you usually have, the issues you are not so sure about and your needs. With all that, we will start to develop a fully customised service plan and a budget according to your possibilities.

First flight: terrain analysis

We will make a first flight in a sector of your vineyards to carry out the specific calibrations for your harvests and parcels. Then, with these analyses, we will be able to finalise the service plan for the whole season and start planning regular flights.

Inspection flights throughout the harvest

In each of these flights, which will be carried out periodically according to the service plan and the client's needs, the images will be captured and then analysed on our IT platforms. These flights do not affect the client's daily work and we take care of everything, we will not take time or resources away from you.

Accurate regular reports

After each flight, we will generate the final images and technical reports on the state of your vineyards, recommendations, perspectives, comparisons, and much more. With these reports, it will be much easier for them to make day-to-day decisions to bring the harvest to a successful outcome.

Cloud-based platform

You will have access to our cloud platform, from where you will be able to access all the flight reports, all the information of your plots, historical archives, comparatives, crop evolution, and much more. All accessible from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. This will give you complete control of your vineyards, wherever you are.

Customised services, research and R+D+i projects

Every customer has different needs, so we are not structured, and we try to be as flexible as possible in order to provide our precision farming solutions to everyone.

The technology in Agriculture 5.0 is continually evolving, both drones and software, and we are always looking to improve and keep up with the latest in the market, in order to provide the best possible service. This is why we actively participate in our own and third party R+D+i projects.

In addition to our own analysis services, we also provide flights for other platforms and clients who simply need our professional precision flight services.

Tell us your ideas and projects and we will be happy to discuss them with you and put our entire company at your service.

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